Why We Shouldn’t #BringBackObama

Guess who’s back boys and girls! I know it’s been a while since my last official blog post. I’m sure you all followed the podcast and know my feelings about the election. I’ve been on a sabbatical since then trying to really process everything and see what a Trump presidency would look like. However, I’m not back to discuss President Trump. Instead I’m here to look at the latest trending hashtag to grace social media, and that’s #BringBackObama.

It’s no secret that I was an ardent supporter of the former president. I firmly believe that he did the best job that he could in the situation that he was in. However, something about this hashtag really irks me. It isn’t necessarily anything against 44, but against the Democratic Party in general.

You see, there’s one thing that Democrats are synonymous with, and that’s looking forward. They are always looking to the future and pushing the boundaries on innovation and improvement. They’ve been successful largely thanks to this modus operandi. But there’s currently a power vacuum at the top of the party and that’s caused the party to lose direction. There’s no clear path forward and that’s what has brought about this hashtag. People aren’t longing for President Obama to be back in office. They’re reminiscing back to a time when there was leadership and direction within the party.

It isn’t just the hashtag that shows the party has lost its way. Currently, all you see is how the Mueller investigation is going to finally sink President Trump! Wasn’t the Comey testimony supposed to do that? And even if it does, what’s next? How to you deal with President Pence? Do you think it’s going to matter for two seconds to diehard Trump supporters?

During President Obama’s time in office, Democrats lost over 900 governmental seats, including 10 governships and both chambers of Congress. Democrats have lost every special election for Trump’s cabinet selections. They’ve lost the Supreme Court. This is the weakest the party has been in 60 years. How are you going to address that? Who cares about James Comey’s testimony or Robert Mueller’s investigation? Why not worry about how you’re going to make gains in 2018? I’m not saying those other things aren’t important, or that the Trump administration shouldn’t have their powers delimited. But what I am saying, is there should be a counterbalance between two objectives. But until the party gets a leader and a vision, that scale is tipped to the side of obstructionism.

President Obama had eight years in office. He accomplished quite a bit in that time. However, our constitution plainly lays out the rules of presidential succession. It’s always fun to remember the past; but it should never inhibit one from constantly looking forward. The Democrats must move forward if they want to have any meaningful gains in our governing institutions. But first, they must find their leader…and that leader is no longer Barack Obama.


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