Podcast – Do Hillary’s Scandals Matter?

This week’s podcast is a rather controversial one. We take a look at Hillary’s scandals and discuss whether they matter. Head over to Alabama Liberal and listen or subscribe on iTunes. 

In this episode, we put Hillary on trial for her various “crimes” and see just how much people really care about Benghazi, “emailgate,” and Hillary’s failure to tip a waitress at brunch. We ponder just what exactly Republicans are hoping to find in Hillary’s emails—like a torrid affair with Joe Biden—and if people really care about the “tragedy” of Benghazi then why did “13 Hours” flop at the box office? Plus, burning questions: is Edward Snowden just a fame whore? Could a man have sat through 11 hours of talking to Trey Gowdy, the anti-Atticus Finch? Is the media’s trying to look unbiased actually creating a bias? Will we see Hillary on the next season of Orange is the New Black? Is Trump a pawn of the Russian mob? And why do spam comments about Hillary appear in articles that have nothing to do with her? Listen in…


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