Democratic Convention Recap – Day 4

The Democratic National Convention is finally over and what an event. From the starting point with Bernie or Bust diehards interrupting the opening prayer to Hillary officially accepting the nomination and the party uniting behind her. It’s been a pretty interesting ride that had plenty of highs and lows. But all in all, I think Democrats will walk away happy with the convention and excited about the case they made for Hillary Clinton.

Tonight had a huge focus on America’s heroes. This was obvious from the families of fallen police officers, killed in the line of duty coming out to call on America to support our troops, to those soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. There was a group of military generals who came out in support of Hillary and provided a strong advocacy for her as a strong Commander-in-Chief.

The Muslim parents of an American Muslim soldier who died saving the lives of his brothers in arms gave a blistering attack on Donald Trump. He asked Donald Trump if he had ever read the Constitution and then pulled a copy out of his pocket and said he would give Trump his copy. Then he asked if Trump had ever been to Arlington cemetery. “Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending the United States of America. You will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

In one of the most surprising moments of the night, two lifelong Republican supporters spoke at the Democratic National Convention. One worked in the Reagan White House and issued a blistering attack on Trump. The other, a female Republican who said she is supporting Hillary and is encouraging other Republican women to do the same. I think this is a HUGE voting block that Hillary can steal away, especially looking at Trump’s dismal popularity with female voters.

After a performance by Katy Perry, Chelsea Clinton came out to introduce her mom and did her best attempt at it. If you’ve ever studied the Clintons, you know Chelsea hates being in the spotlight and did everything she could to avoid it while she was the first daughter. She also has stayed out of the news. She couldn’t help but be front and center tonight to introduce her mom on such a historic occasion. During her speech, Chelsea talked memories of her childhood with her mother and how she was always there for her. She talked about how when Hillary would have to travel for work, she would leave her notes for each day that she was gone.

Then it was finally time. A video-montage highlighting Hillary’s career played with none other than Morgan Freeman narrating.  After the video she came out to deliver her acceptance speech. I’ll be completely honest with you; I wasn’t expecting anything great because that isn’t who Hillary is. I’ve said before she’s a policy wonk who isn’t very vibrant and exciting. She’s certainly no Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. So my expectations were pretty low…but she shocked me. She gave a really good speech. She praised the work that Bernie Sanders did in his campaign and urged his voters to keep up the fight and help her force change. She praised the job that President Obama has done during his presidency. But most importantly, she laid out her vision for America. She talked about the things that were most important to her and that she wanted to see changed. She also talked about the stark differences between herself and Donald Trump. She talked about her plan for things and how Donald Trump doesn’t have any plans. She delivered a powerful line: “A man that you can bait with a tweet can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons.”

Being in Philadelphia, she paid homage to the founding of this country, talking about how our founders had differences but ultimately came together. She said they worked together and reached a compromise to succeed, tying into her ‘better together’ theme. This was another outreach to the Sanders supporters as well as disgruntled Republicans. As I mentioned earlier, there were lifelong Republican voters who came out in support of Hillary tonight so that is a target she’s going for. She also talked about her history of working across the aisle and working together to get things accomplished.

Regardless of party or your feelings for Hillary Clinton, everyone reading this blog can say that you’ve witnessed history. For the first time in this country’s history, a female has accepted the nomination of a major political party. She has laid the foundation for your daughters and granddaughters in the future.


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