Democratic Convention Recap – Day 3

The penultimate day of the Democratic Convention focused on two major issues: gun control and foreign policy. It also saw possibly the last convention speech from everyone’s favorite Veep, Joe Biden. The next Vice President, Tim Kaine, officially accepted the nomination for Vice President tonight. And to wrap things up…President Obama doing President Obama things. Let’s get into the breakdown.

Unfortunately, we had open house tonight so I had to miss part of the convention but I did get to hear several of the speeches on gun control, including that of Gabby Giffords. I’m amazed at her recovery and how well she spoke tonight. I hope she continues to improve, as I’m sure most everyone does regardless of political affiliation.

They also had a mother of one of the shooting victims from the Orlando nightclub. She spoke about her son’s life and talked about how she was glad that we had strict gun control when her son was born and wish we had it when he was killed. It was a very moving speech.

Look, I love that the Democrats are continuing the fight for gun control, but I don’t think it’s an issue that they are going to be able to deliver on. Rather than spending an hour at the convention discussing it, they could have talked about a huge number of other issues that are more realistic. I know, the convention is where you talk about what you would do in the perfect scenario but there’s several other things that they could have went to. But I’m not in charge of the convention so, my opinion is null.

Joe Biden gave one of the best speeches of his political career laying out the case for why Donald Trump would be a disaster as Commander in Chief—a common theme from the night. Leon Panetta delivered a similar message earlier in the convention. They both highlighted Trump’s flaws: his calling for our military to kill civilians, mothers and children of enemy combatants. How he called for a return to torturing prisoners of war, including waterboarding. And how he talked about leaving NATO and called for Russia to hack into Hillary’s emails. Uncle Joe even got as serious as I’ve ever seen him. He commanded silence from the crowd, got right up to the microphone, and spoke cold hard truth about how scared we should be about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

Michael Bloomberg came out and also delivered a speech in support of Hillary and talked about all the ways Trump would be a terrible president. He delivered a powerful line: “truth be told, the richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy.”

Tim Kaine accepted the party’s nomination and gave a speech that was okay. It wasn’t quite as great as the speech he gave last week but it was still a solid speech. There’s just something refreshing about the man. He’s like someone you would see sitting in that Hardee’s booth at 7 am drinking his coffee and talking politics. He just seems genuine.

Then President Obama delivered a mic-dropping speech. If I had a ranking of his best speeches (hey, that may be a blog topic soon…) I would say this was top 10 easily, and possibly top 5. Rather than going into details, just go watch. Stop what you’re doing right now and look it up because words can’t do it justice. To cap it off, Hillary came on stage with him and as they embraced and waved at the fans, you could tell he was literally passing the torch off to her to continue what he’s started. Amazing job.

Tomorrow night is the culmination of the DNC and Hillary will officially accept the party’s nomination. It will certainly be a night for the ages and I hope all of you are tuning in to literally witness history.


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