Democratic Convention Recap – Day 2

Girl power! That was pretty much the ongoing theme of tonight’s convention in Philadelphia. It featured a plethora of female speakers throughout the night. While some of the speakers sort of failed to conjure up a lot of excitement, it didn’t matter. This day pivoted around three main events: the roll call vote to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate, the Mothers of the Movement speaking, and then of course Bill Clinton’s speech. While there are plenty of other moments that stood out, these three were the biggest.

Some of the other big moments include Lena Dunham and America Ferrera coming out and talking about Trump. Dunham said according to Trump, she’s probably a 2 at best. Ferrera said according to Trump she was a rapist. Then Dunham looked at her and said “but you’re not Mexican.” And Ferrera responded with “well Obama isn’t Kenyan but that didn’t stop Trump.” Ferrera, as most of you know, is American born and her parents are from Honduras.

Other female speakers from the night included a powerful speech from Donna Brazile, a glowing endorsement from Madeleine Albright who was the first female Secretary of State, and of course an always supportive speech from Senator Barbara Boxer. All of the female Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives also came out and spoke in a massive sign of support for Hillary.

Tony Goldwyn, who plays Republican President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal, spoke. I’ll ask the question we are all wondering…WHERE IS OLIVIA POPE?!

Now for the biggest moments…watching the roll call vote was such an exciting time. For the first time ever, a female was officially nominated by a major political party in the United States. To wrap up the roll call, Bernie Sanders took the microphone and asked the party to suspend the rules and formally nominate Hillary Clinton as the candidate as one final show of unity. After this, the Bernie or Bust fans got in line. When asked if any opposed it, only a few didn’t.

The next major moment was one of the most somber moments so far at either convention. The Mothers of the Movement came out and talked about the deaths of their children. They talked about how the overwhelming majority of cops are good and do an excellent job. But they called for support in ensuring that the police and the communities they patrol can come together. Andra Day’s took the stage and performed Rise Up immediately after them. It was such a powerful and somber moment at the same time.

Finally slick Willie came to the stage. Everyone knew Bill Clinton would deliver like only he can. But what a speech it was. He got very personal and talked about the first time they met, their first date, and how he proposed (3 times). He talked about all the ways she’s improved education and life in general in Arkansas while he was governor despite her having a job and being a mother. All of her highlights from her time as Secretary of State, like the Iranian sanctions and the 2012 cease fire between Israel and Palestine in Gaza. Bill called her a “change maker” and really made the case for supporting her. It was an incredibly moving speech and again highlights exactly what your family is supposed to do. They are there to humanize you and share those personal stories…something that was missing from the Trump kids (except Ivanka). He brought life to the caricature that the Republicans have built up about her.

The night ended with Meryl Streep giving a speech about the women’s rights movement and its fulfillment with Hillary’s nomination, followed by a performance by the one and only Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys has been my celebrity crush for about 15 years now so I may be a little biased but I thought she did an amazing job.

All in all, this was a solid day for the convention and certainly a day that will go down in history with Hillary officially being nominated. Tomorrow should certainly be another huge day when both Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be speaking.


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