Democratic Convention Recap – Day 1

Day one of the Democratic National Convention kicked off today and it started a little…rough. With the whole (new) email scandal, this time surrounding DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She officially stepped down and “removed herself” from speaking to open the convention today. Then the Bernie or Bust protestors constantly interrupted everyone on stage chanting “Bernie” repeatedly. They even interrupted the opening prayer with chants. They continued pretty much throughout the night, and Sarah Silverman finally snapped and called them ridiculous.

Speaking of Silverman, what a lineup they had for night one! Boyz to Men, Demi Lovato, Eva Longoria, Kirsten Gillibrand, Al Franken, Cory, Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. That just goes to show the difference between the two parties. But let’s get into this.

The one person who deserves a ton of respect and praise and will probably be overlooked with this amazing lineup is Anastasia Somoza. A victim of cerebral palsy who first met Hillary Clinton in 1993, she came out and told her story about how Hillary has been supportive of her and shown her how to live a prideful life. Please go watch her speech!

Demi Lovato also came out and publicly talked about her mental disabilities. For those who don’t know, she is bipolar and suffers from bulimia. Seeing these people openly talk about disabilities highlights Hillary’s long fight for equal opportunities and support for ALL Americans, including those with disabilities.

Al Franken was amazing, going back to his SNL days to attack Trump. Right beside him was Sarah Silverman who was once a diehard Sanders supporter but said she will happily vote for Hillary now. Sanders fans were not happy with her.

Eva Longoria introduced Cory Booker and gave a memorable line doing so. She told Trump that America was pretty great already because a Latina from Texas is introducing the first black Senator from New Jersey at the convention where they will nominate the first female presidential candidate of a major party. Boom.

Cory Booker…wow. Talk about stealing the show. Cory’s speech was refreshing, powerful, hopeful, and promising. He talked about all the ways that America is great and all the great things America has achieved throughout its history. Booker’s speech was almost on the same level of Barack Obama. His oratory skills are outstanding. “Patriotism is love of country, but you can’t love your country without loving your countrymen and your countrywomen.” Lines like this filled his speech. Fantastic job. I didn’t think anyone could deliver a better job. And then…

FLOTUS stepped to the mic. Unbelievable how well she did! She was awe-inspiring. She also took plenty of shots at Trump along the way. She said that when people are talking about them and “they go low, we go high.” She talked about how being POTUS and FLOTUS put you in a position of role models for children in the United States and you have to always watch what you do and say. When we go to the ballot box to vote, we’re voting for someone that will be helping shape our children for the next four or eight years. Finally, she delivered a memorable line that even got a “WOW!” out of Bill Clinton. She said that the difficulties facing the president are never black and white and can never “be boiled down to 140 characters.”

She also took a small swipe at the Bernie or Bust fanatics in the crowd as well. She said that when Hillary lost to Barack eight years ago, she didn’t get disillusioned. She knew that this was something bigger than her own desires and disappointments and stepped up to serve the country as Secretary of State.

Next up was progressive queen, Elizabeth Warren. Warren tried to coalesce the Bernie or Bust supporters by talking about all the ways that Hillary was fighting for progressive causes. She was met with a round of “we trusted you” chants after she initially said she was with Hillary. But the Bernie or Bust guys finally cooled down a little bit. She gave a pretty dire warning, saying “when we turn on each other, we can’t unite to fight against a rigged system.”

Finally, the man himself came out…Bernie Sanders came out to speak. The crowd erupted. People were crying. I’m sure it was a moment that he will never forget. As far as his speech, he built on what Warren started by going over all the different ways that he and Hillary have worked together to build a progressive platform that all people can get behind. I’ll give him credit; he did a really good job selling her to his base. It’ll be interesting to see how well it resonates with them the next few days. But kudos to Bernie on a hard fought campaign…thanks for endorsing Hillary.

Tomorrow is when the roll call vote will take place, officially making Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential candidate. They’ll also have the “Mothers of the Movement” speak. The mothers of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Sandra Bland will all speak. Also taking the stage will be the future FLOTUS or, BROTUS (bro-of the United States) Bill Clinton. Certainly should be another interesting night.


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