GOP Convention Recap – Day 1

The Republican National Convention Circus officially kicked off today in Cleveland and what a day it was! There’s no way to touch on EVERYTHING but here are some of the highlights from day 1.

The day started with an invocation by a local rabbi. Seeing the confused looks on the faces of the delegates from Texas when the rabbi was speaking Hebrew was priceless. It’s like they weren’t sure if they should pray or reach for their guns. After all, this is the party that opposes the concept of “press 1 for English” because we should only be speaking English.

Shortly after this, Reince Priebus put Mitch McConnell’s name up as temporary convention chairman and it was booed pretty heavily. From what I heard, the “ayes” and the “nays” sounded pretty close to but Priebus of course said the “ayes” had it. He even acknowledged the boos by saying “it’s pretty clear guys, I’m sorry.” It was at this moment he knew it was going to be a bad day.

Next up was a movement by the Never Trump delegates to have a roll call vote to free them from being bound to vote for Trump and allowed them to vote for any candidate of their choosing. However, the convention leaders quickly silenced them claiming they did not submit enough signatures required for a roll call vote.

The evening session was where the bigger names (a.k.a. the scrapheap of people willing to go on stage) came out. You know, hard hitting politicians like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. The theme of the night was “Make America Safe Again” which in itself was quite ironic. Many of them claimed that the biggest reason America isn’t safe anymore is because we are worried about pulling out of wars rather than winning them. Also that we refuse to the term “Islamic terrorism” is somehow making us unsafe. Of course, they fail to comprehend America’s CONSTANT involvement in overseas affairs is why so many people dislike us, especially in the Middle East, but I digress.

The consistent message from each and every speaker was that Hillary was evil, Obama has destroyed our country, and illegal immigrants and Syrian refugees will finish the country off. Oh, and Benghazi. Benghazi. And just when you think they’re done…more Benghazi.

As the night wore on, the speakers seemed to be getting crazier. Michael Flynn came out legitimately looking and sounding like a man possessed. I was concerned for the safety of everyone in the room. He looked like a serial killer right before they snap. Someone on Twitter pointed out that if there was ever a coup d’état then Flynn would have to be the first suspect.

Not to be outdone by Flynn, Rudy Giuliani gave an even more “impassioned” speech that teetered on the brink of insanity. I mean really, what were they feeding these guys? If you haven’t seen clips of this guy’s speech, please do yourself a favor and look them up. The guy was nuts.

Sadly, the most subdued and rational speech of the night, ironically, was given by none other than Melania Trump. Sure, she gave the typical lines about how great Donald would be for America and especially for minorities and Muslims, etc. which made total sense, but she also gave some substance about what her role would be. She talked about some of the areas that should would take on while serving as FLOTUS. Then…it turns out she basically just cut and copied parts of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech from 2008 and pasted it into hers. So that’s why it actually sounded so rational!

But the biggest spectacle of the night was the Donald. You knew he wouldn’t spend the entire evening on the sidelines of his own convention and not make a scene! Trump broke from tradition and appeared to introduce Melania before her speech and his entrance…I swear it was something straight out of the WWE. Vince McMahon would be proud! PLEASE go check it out!

There’s so many other great moments from the day but these are just a few. What were your favorite moments? Tell me in the comments below! Tomorrow, Day 2 kicks off and I can’t wait to see what excitement it brings!


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