Podcast – Abortion

We wrap up our trilogy today by tackling probably the most controversial issue of the three: abortion. Make sure that you listen in to this podcast by subscribing to us on iTunes or by heading over to Alabama Liberal’s page and listening in. You can read the official description of the podcast below. Enjoy! “Closing out our Guns, Immigration, and Abortion trilogy we talk about that most uncomfortable of hot buttons in a way that is at least unusual. We relate personal stories and sometimes strangely funny experiences with looking at exactly what it would look like to re-criminalize abortion, why no other industrialized country even talks about doing this, what’s the practical plan for all those extra kids, the rise of “Destination Abortions” as huge swaths of America are without a clinic, and our “abstinence only” sex-ed classes that tried to scare the pants on girls in an already-too-religious South. Plus, our predictions for exactly what level of anarchy we can expect at the Republican Convention and the weird similarities between Trump and Romney. Listen in…”


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