Podcast–Will We See the Return of Strategic VP Picks?

Head over to Alabama Liberal to listen to the latest podcast where we discuss a lot of issues, including V.P. picks. Read the entire summary below and then head over! You can also SUBSCRIBE to it on iTunes by clicking this link!

Why have we gone more than a decade without strategically useful VPs from Biden to Cheney, Palin to Liebermann? We use this question to dive deep into the VP race: Can anyone good stand to work with Trump? Are Bernie’s odds of being chosen 0.000001% or 0.000001%? Are liberals intentionally trying to make Republican heads explode with “the Castro Brothers?” Why won’t Susana Martinez be won over by Trump’s lovely steak basket? All this, plus we dive into the Orlando shooting, Bernie’s General Custer-like campaign legacy, and our final picks for who Trump and Hillary will pick.


One thought on “Podcast–Will We See the Return of Strategic VP Picks?

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