Podcast – Is There a Racial and Gender Divide Among Progressives?

In the latest podcast, we really get into an issue that most people don’t want to talk about. Head over to Alabama Liberal or download the latest podcast from iTunes. Read below for the official description. 

In one of our best episodes so far we get to the big questions: If Cruz and Rubio speak any more Spanish at the debates, will Trump build a wall around the stage? Will the mutual hatred between he and Jeb lead Trump to threaten to deport Columba Bush? And then our main topic: Is there a growing racial, age, and gender divide among progressives? Is Bernie even good for the movement or is he dividing it at a crucial rallying time? Have his followers turned “Wall Street” accusations into the liberal “Communist?” Is the ultimate white privilege that young white “progressives” now view black leadership as “sell-outs?” And is the far-left becoming the un-witting pawn of the GOP (led by a sneaky Karl Rove plan)?


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