The Trump Effect

Donald J. Trump has had a huge impact in this election already. He has essentially dominated the media coverage because of his comical antics. He has also done something that very very few people have managed to do: he’s made politics fun. Granted, it’s at the expense of his rivals competing for the GOP nomination against him. Even for someone that can’t stand the man, there is something that is fresh and exciting about a politician who just doesn’t answer to anyone. Trump isn’t being financed by any donors. He doesn’t have special interest groups trailing him everywhere he goes. He says what’s on his mind and doesn’t care who likes it.

But Trump has managed to do something else as well…something that isn’t getting as much attention. While lambasting his opposition, he has pointed out how big money drives politics. He talked about how he has had politicians do anything that he asked in order to get him to donate to their campaigns in the past. He posted a picture of Rick Perry in his office asking him for donations. He talked about Lindsey Graham calling him for help getting on Fox News. He talked about how the Clinton’s attended his wedding back in 2005 after he agreed to donate to Hillary’s upcoming presidential campaign in 2008. Big money in politics is a HUGE problem in this country. After the Citizen’s United ruling, it has only become worse. Billionaires are essentially buying politicians, and THAT is what has really caused the divisiveness in Washington.

As Trump has become more and more outspoken and blunt about these and other issues, it seems his numbers just continue to rise. When asked about Rick Perry, Trump said “he put on glasses to make him look smarter…it’s not working.” Lindsey Graham? “He’s a stiff…what a stiff.” He then gave the entire world Graham’s personal cell phone number. Scott Walker? Well he really railed on Walker and his record as governor of Wisconsin. And may I mention, everything Trump said about Walker’s record was absolutely true. The list of outrageous remarks goes on and on. From John McCain isn’t a war hero to essentially saying Mexico is rounding up all the rapists and murderers and smuggling them across the border so they don’t have to deal with them. And don’t think the other candidates haven’t taken notice, because they certainly have.

Just this week Mike Huckabee came out and started making outlandish claims. He said the Iran nuclear deal was the equivalent of “Obama leading Israel to the furnace doors” referencing the furnaces used to burn the bodies of those who died in the Holocaust. When asked if he would take it back, Huckabee doubled down on his claims. He then went on talking about breast enhancements for women in the military if we were to let transgender soldiers fight…or something, I honestly couldn’t even really comprehend the comparison he was attempting to make.

Ted Cruz came to the Senate floor and openly called the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar. An action he probably regrets after McConnell’s epic response that you should go read about. Cruz also came out in an interview saying that the Iran deal makes President Obama and the United States the world’s “largest financier of Islamic terror;” a claim that he has absolutely no proof of might I add. But that is for another blog.

Rick Perry came out and challenged Donald Trump to a pull up competition. Apparently in Texas you don’t fight…you simply do pull ups to get bragging rights.

Chris Christie, when discussing the Patriot Act said that “you can’t enjoy your civil liberties when you’re in a coffin” in support of expanded NSA surveillance authorization granted by the Patriot Act.

Again, I could keep going but you get the picture. All of these candidates are coming out and making these ridiculous claims for one reason: to try and grab a few headlines and media attention away from Donald Trump. Trump is the 800 pound elephant in the room is hoarding all of the media with his rants and comments and the other Republican candidates are following his example. Well, most of them are anyways.

Jeb Bush has been very temperamental with his campaign thus far. He said that this extremism and rhetoric will almost assure that Republicans will not take the White House in 2016, and he is right. It is clear that the Republicans have a BIG problem on their hands and he doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. In an election that Republicans so desperately wanted to shed the “clown car” image that it got thanks to the TEA Party movement and poor candidates in the last presidential election, they have jumped head first into a Trump-sized clown bus.


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