ISIS Planning for Armageddon Attack

I tend to not write a lot about ISIS, or ISIL, or IS, or whatever you want to call them. It mainly because I just don’t see them as this extreme threat to the United States that everyone else does. In fact, the likelihood of a mass attack on mainland U.S. soil by ISIS is about the same as you managing to get every bit of peanut butter out of a jar. But the latest ISIS news is intriguing to me. They are preparing for Armageddon…minus Bruce Willis sadly.

ISIS is planning to launch an attack on India. Yes, the county with the second largest population in the world is the next target on the Islamic State’s hit list. Now it’s no secret that Muslims and Hindus don’t get along. If you look at the Punjab region between India and Pakistan, you’ll see that. As a matter of fact, the border between these two countries is known as the most dangerous border in the world (yes, even more dangerous than the North and South Korean border) despite the rather awesome border closing ceremony they do. Just click here to go watch for yourself.

So why exactly is ISIS planning to attack India? They know they are struggling against the coalition forces that are attacking them and need additional support. An attack on India would help to unite other radical Islamic groups, specifically the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban. ISIS is also urging the remnants of Al Qaeda to unite with them in order to launch an Armageddon-like attack at India.

While this unification of ISIS, AQ, and the Taliban may be a scary thought for some, I see it as a good thing. The struggle with fighting these groups thus far has been specifically because of their sporadic locations and loose connections. Having them unify and launch an attack against a country would allow the U.S. and their allies to have a clear and distinguishable enemy. An attack on India would certainly draw the U.S. into war, despite the fact that India could literally wipe ISIS off the face of the earth forever single-handedly. The U.S. would get involved regardless to avoid any repercussions between India and Pakistan.

While I think the likelihood of a unified ISIS, AQ, Taliban attack on India is incredibly small, it is certainly an interesting idea to ponder. They say that it will be the final battle of Armageddon and they are partially right. It will certainly be Armageddon for them. It could also mean the defeat of three of the most radicalized Islamic groups in the Middle East, which could open up HUGE possibilities to reestablishing peace to the region.


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