GOP Candidate Profiles: Donald Trump

I said I wasn’t going to write this. I said people wouldn’t be crazy enough to actually support this guy. But here we are. Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for president. After at least three flirtations with running, he finally announced that he is. However, he has yet to file any of the necessary paperwork for his campaign.

The Donald announced his candidacy today at his hotel, talking off the cuff for over an hour. Reporters from Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight were in attendance at the campaign kickoff. Trump is clearly an egomaniac that wants as much attention on himself as he can possibly get. He even consistently referred to himself in the third person throughout the speech. For a Republican Party that is wanting to shed the clown car mantra that it earned in 2012, Trump’s candidacy has to be a step in the wrong direction. Trump’s personality and narcissism will take airtime away from the actual candidates who have a shot at winning.

The man knows business. He also is not afraid to speak his mind, something that we haven’t had in a president since LBJ (that’s Lyndon B. Johnson for you youngsters, not LeBron James). He is a Washington outsider, which will resonate with some. He is also a billionaire so he doesn’t really have to depend on donors to help finance his campaign. He effectively makes guys like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers irrelevant.

His narcissism and self-obsession is going to be a deal breaker for most people. He also has never ran for political office in his life, something that has plagued a lot of presidential hopefuls in the past. Also because of his bluntness and personality, he will suffer from being the butt of a LOT of late night jokes. Most importantly, the Republican Party really doesn’t want a guy like Trump winning the nomination. While he will do his best to steal a lot of the spotlight in debates, he will certainly not get a lot of support from the RNC. It will certainly be an uphill fight for Trump if he is serious about his candidacy.

Potential Vice Presidential Pick
Assuming that The Donald did win the GOP nomination, I legitimately do not know who he would pick for the bottom half of the ticket. I would HOPE it would be someone with a political background, to help guide him through the landscape of the being the leader of the free world. However, he has already mentioned Oprah as a V.P. option, so that tells you what he’s thinking.

Chances of Winning
Chances of winning the GOP nomination: D-
Chances of winning the general election: F


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