The Failings of American Christianity

There are two common misconceptions that I tend to come across living in the Bible belt. Number one is that I can’t be a Christian because I am a Democrat and support liberal policies, such as same sex marriage. Secondly, I am constantly putting down the church and Christians on social media and on my blog. I’m always talking badly about everything that Christians stand for today so of course I can’t be a Christian. But see here’s the thing, if this Americanized version of Christianity is what true Christianity is…I don’t want any part of it. I would even venture as far as to say that Jesus would not want any part of it either.

American Christianity is more concerned with gaining political power and “taking America back to God” than they are about taking Americans to God. You see, to be a Christian means to be like Christ. I know I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I have still yet to find anywhere in the Bible where Jesus wanted to gain worldly political power and rule from a governmental position. As a matter of fact, anytime he came into contact with the government, he submitted to them. And let’s be honest for a minute…if there really was a nation that should have been taken back to God, it was Israel during the time of Jesus. They were literally considered the chosen people of God and the land was promised to them in the Bible. If Jesus wanted to take someone back to God, don’t you think he would have done so with Israel? But he didn’t. That’s because he was living for something more than what a worldly government has to offer. He was trying to show people that despite living under the ruling authority of someone you have a difference of opinion with, you can still love one another. You can still go to the sick and needy and provide assistance. You can show these people that there is more to live for than worldly possessions. That is the message that Jesus was trying to send, and American Christianity has completely abandoned that concept.

American Christianity has lost track of the poor. They have shunned anyone that is different. They have practically declared war on those who have harmed Americans. I beg you to show me where Jesus left this example. American Christianity’s goals are simple: turn America back into a Christian nation. How do you achieve this? It’s simple. You get more Christians into office. You make sure that it is impossible to live a gay lifestyle. You overturn Roe v. Wade so we don’t have any more dead babies. We make sure we keep “one nation under God” in our pledge and “in God we trust” on our money. We have to make sure we get prayer back in school and we get evolution and any other scientific “theories” out. Is that all? Not quite…we will still have to make sure that Hollywood is eliminated because of the evil filth that they create on the big screen. We have to get rid of the record industry that is putting out the trash that comes on the radio today. Eliminate all these videos games that teach kids that violence is okay. And we MUST, absolutely hands down MUST, get rid of every liberal group like the ACLU that exists in this country. Then and ONLY then, will American finally be a Christian nation once again!

We can finally have commercials of American landscapes with God Bless America playing in the background. Have lady liberty with an American flag in one hand, a Bible in the other hand, and military jets flying over her. It can then cut to a scene of soldiers coming home victorious because God allowed them to win the battle over the enemies because he obviously loves American lives more. I’m sure everyone would get all watery-eyed and feel more patriotic than ever at this beautiful montage of a Christian America.

The problem with this plan—outside of it being literally impossible—is that there is absolutely zero precedent for it in the Bible. Jesus never taught any of this. America is not a Christian nation and never has been. It never will be. Jesus did not come so that nations would believe in him…he came so individuals would. So before you come at me again saying that I’m not a Christian because I don’t support all of the things I just listed…maybe check your life in comparison to the way that Jesus lived. You see I’m not the one that has left Jesus…it’s American Christianity that has left Jesus. And I for one am tired of all Christians getting a bad name because so many people have misconstrued what Christianity really is.


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