America’s Blind Allegiance to Israel

The other day I decided to start a tally of how many “I Stand with Israel” and “Americans for Israel” posts I saw while scrolling through my Facebook news feed going back 24 hours. I figured there would be a few…but was quite surprised when I ended up with 22 tallies. Congratulations to all my Facebook friends for making sure that nearly every hour one of you felt the need to remind everyone that Israel is always right, never wrong, and will never lose in a battle because God is on there side! Well…if you want to call America “God,” then you’re probably right. The reason that Israel will probably not lose in a fight anymore is because we have turned it into one of the most militarized fortresses in the entire world. We have funneled military equipment, nuclear warheads, missile defense systems, and billions and billions of dollars to the tiny country in the Middle East. But not for the reasons you may think.

Americans, and America as a whole for that matter, look at everything as being “simple.” There is good vs. evil. Right vs. wrong. Black vs. white. There is no in-between. There is no grey. There is no middle.

With Israel, it’s simple; a democratic country in the middle of a dictatorial hot bed…it’s a no brainer that America will support them! Just look at the Cold War. America supported any country that chose democracy, even if that meant US soldiers dying to defend them (see Vietnam, Korea). Trust me, America doesn’t support Israel because they are “God’s chosen people” like you want to believe. America supports Israel because they’re stuck on their ideological right vs. wrong trip and will never admit when they may have misjudged a situation. Ever. Hence why we are STILL keeping a trade embargo against Cuba. The only exception may be China, and for obvious reasons.

What’s even funnier in all of this is how everywhere you look in the American media, there is really only one side of the story being reported. Tiny Israel (about the size of New Jersey) is being bullied by the big bad Hamas (about twice the size of Washington D.C., no joke). Of course Hamas has launched attacks on Israel. Of course they have killed innocent Israelis, I’m not here to argue that they are totally innocent. But at the same time, Israel is essentially committing genocide on Palestinians and the American media is turning a blind eye to that. Just recently, Israel wiped out a 12 story apartment building in Gaza City killing innocent civilians with not one but two guided missiles. I’m not saying that Israel should not protect itself. However, it is using a chainsaw when a butter knife would work just fine (terrible analogy, my apologies. I hope you get the point anyways.).

Israel is killing innocent Palestinian civilians by the dozens all in the name of defending itself against the terrorist Islamic group that is controlling Gaza. No remorse. No second thought. No sleep lost at night. No, what Israel wants to do is completely eliminate the Palestinian people and the very idea of a Palestinian state that could threaten them losing any territory. That my friend, is not a people protecting itself against an aggressor…it’s genocide. You would think that Jewish people would know a thing or two about that in their recent past. All of this going on with America blindly waving the Israeli flag right next to the American flag, thinking that all is right with Israel. They think that Israel will never lose because God is on their side…clearly they’ve never read a history book (or their Bible) if they think that. But one thing is for certain: the American God is on their side. America will never let Israel lose. We shall always be waving our “I stand with Israel” banners, despite the massive atrocities they are committing on innocent people. Oh wait, they’re Palestinians, they can’t be innocent…or people at all.

There will probably never be a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been waging for half a century now. However, if there is every any hope for one, it will only come when some moderator can rightfully point out each side’s mistakes. It must be impartial to have a quality and lasting impact. I would love to see America take that role and attempt to broker that peace deal. However, until she takes her blinders off, it will never happen. I will be the first to say that Hamas’ actions are wrong. However, Israel’s actions are just as wrong, and on a much larger scale. Something is wrong when Americans fail to see this…or maybe it’s just that they refuse to.


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