The GOP’s Latest Man Crush: Vladimir Putin?

At a time when most people my age and younger are jumping ship from Facebook for newer and cooler social media sites, I find it difficult to delete my page. Even though I don’t use it anywhere near as much as other sites, like Twitter, I keep it around. The reason I do is because all of my Republican friends on there give me material to use for this blog! I think that’s worth keeping it around. But one of the things that I seriously never would have expected to see has been popping up on my news feed. For some unknown reason, Republicans are starting to…support…(I can’t believe I’m even saying this)…the President…of…Russia? Ha, you thought I was going to say President Obama? Yeah, right.

Did all of my Republican Facebook friends suddenly forget to take their crazy meds or something? I have seen post after post talking about how President Putin is more of a man than President Obama will ever be. They talk about how President Putin would destroy President Obama in a fight. They seriously have a man crush on President Putin! I’m just waiting for someone to change their profile picture to this picture of President Putin riding a horse shirtless (I apologize if you just ate).

So I wish someone could explain to me why we suddenly have this obsession with President Putin. The last time I checked, President Putin kind of hates America. I heard he hates us because Sarah Palin keeps looking in his bedroom windows from her back porch in Alaska but that’s just hearsay. But seriously, I do not understand it. People are saying that he is tougher than President Obama and a stronger leader. Well, if you count him invading multiple sovereign countries (Georgia, Ukraine) just because he wants to and threatening to bring war to all of Eastern Europe, well then yes, I suppose he is tough. Maybe that is why they like him though. Republicans are always excited for America to invade sovereign countries for no reason (Grenada, Panama, Iraq) so of course they would see this as a sign of strength.

So not only is President Putin invaded sovereign countries, many feel he is once again trying to re-establish the Soviet Union. The United States has placed sanctions on Russia. Russia has been suspended from the G8. NATO has suspended negotiations with Russia. Russia probably would no longer have a seat at the United Nations if they could be removed. But despite ALL this, despite essentially the entire free world hating President Putin and Russia right now, Republicans have developed this man crush on him? I am seriously beyond confused by this.

I understand Republicans hate President Obama, I really do. Sure I may not understand it, but I am perfectly okay with them hating him. That is one of the great things about this country. But I just do not understand the obsession with Putin. But I think I have finally figured a way to change their minds! I think President Obama should do something for all Americans that President Putin does for all Russians: FREE HEALTHCARE! Yes my Republican friends, ALL Russians citizens receive FREE healthcare! I bet that man crush is weakening now. Next time you want to have a man crush on someone, find someone that is you have more in common with…like Kim Jong-un. Oh wait, free healthcare there too. I’ll get back to you with someone to crush over. Until then, just keep fantasizing about your late great hero, Ronald Reagan.


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