What the United States Should Do About Iraq? Stay Away

So here is an issue that makes absolutely zero sense. In 2007-2008, President Obama campaigned on pulling troops from Iraq. The Iraqi government did not want us there any longer. Once we left did anyone honestly think the country would become a beacon of democracy for the entire Middle East to follow? No. Are the problems that Iraq is facing now our fault? Absolutely. Is it our responsibility to help them? Absolutely not.

So many people are sitting here screaming out “American soldiers gave their life and that is all being squandered.” I agree with them. But they never should have been in Iraq in the first place. So rather than letting the Iraqis deal with this themselves, many are calling for more American forces to be sent back to Iraq. They want to send more Americans there, who could lose their lives in vain. When do we finally say ‘no more?’

When we overthrew the Iraqi government, arrested the leaders, and disbanded their military, we removed Sunni control in the country and placed it in the hands of the minority Shi’a population. (Remember Iran is a majority Shi’a country.) How is anyone surprised that, now that US forces are gone, Sunni groups are trying to take back control of the country? Now Iran is backing the Shi’a-led government in Iraq. Does the United States really want to fight alongside Iran, who hates us? No. The United States does need to send in a military force to protect the US Embassy there and assist with any evacuations if needed (which is what we are doing). But we should not under any circumstances take a combative role there.

Republicans know the Iraqis did not want us there. They know President Obama wanted to leave troops there after the designated withdrawal date to provide assistance to the Iraqi military and government. The Iraqi president refused. This is public knowledge. Yet they are attacking President Obama, saying he is responsible for not leaving troops there? All that the GOP is doing is taking a shot at the foreign policy record of President Obama in hopes to cast a negative light on Democrats. That is why they won’t let Benghazi go. That is why they are making such a big deal about the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bergdahl. But if you cut through all the finger pointing and blame games, it is clear to see the choice here. Should the United States military send more forces to a country in an attempt to support a Democratic government in a country that is not capable of maintaining a Democratic government? The answer is a resounding no.


2 thoughts on “What the United States Should Do About Iraq? Stay Away

  1. Although I disagree with you on your Bergdahl point, I agree in that I like how Obama is handling the Iraq ordeal so far. There is nothing respectful about telling soldiers to continue to die for a country that doesn’t appreciate it our want them there.

    Only qualm I have is that he took so long to finally do it.

    • I think that’s one thing about President Obama. He does weigh all options before making a decision and sometimes it does make him seem slow to respond. But thanks for the comment!

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