Progressive Democrat vs. Confused Conservative

This debate is with a former classmate of mine. He’s constantly posting political things on his social media sites and used to regularly comment on things I posted. I invited him to come on here and debate me for old times’ sake. After it “ended” he asked me not to use his name so I’ll use the pseudonym “Confused Conservative” for him.

Me: Thanks for volunteering to be my next vict…I mean guest.

CC: (laughs) My pleasure. I’m always up for a debate.

Me: So first off, you are constantly posting radical right wing posts, you praise the TEA Party, and are constantly trashing the president. So I have to start this by asking one simple question…why do you hate America?

CC: I don’t hate America at all. It’s actually the opposite.

Me: Right. You love America but was excited about the government shutting down then wanted Republicans to refuse to raise the debt ceiling and chance defaulting. Want to tell me how you love America again?

CC: We were never going to default. That was just more scare tactics by Obama and you libs all buy into it.

Me: Oh we weren’t? That’s odd since a credit rating agency placed the U.S. on a watch list and threatened to drop our credit rating (for a second time under the TEA Party nut jobs in Congress).

CC: You mean for the second time under this president? Congress has just been trying to do their job and follow the constitution. We have a spending problem in this country and the Republicans are the only ones wanting to do anything about it.

Me: Yeah, shutdown the government, and refuse to pass a budget allowing any spending at all. Great job controlling that spending.

CC: Please Obama just wants to destroy this country.

Me: And what proof do you have of that?

CC: He’s forcing Obamacare on all of us. It’s killing jobs all over the country and we can’t afford it.

Me: Unemployment is still going down every month since it has been passed. How is it costing jobs?

CC: Companies are cutting hours down to part time because they can’t afford to pay them insurance.

Me: A mandate that doesn’t go into effect until 2015. Plus every analysis indicates that part time jobs have went down. If companies are cutting hours it’s because they are cheap and found a scape goat in Obamacare to make their people suffer more so they can get richer.

CC: Believe what you want. He should be impeached for it.

Me: Do you even understand what impeachment is?

CC: Yes. And he should be. Obamacare goes completely against the constitution.

Me: Yes, it was passed by Congress, signed by the president, upheld by the Supreme Court, and approved by Americans with an election. HOW is that anything but adhering to the constitution?

CC: Yeah it passed Congress without Republicans having any say in what was in it.

Me: Wrong. Try again.

CC: How am I wrong?

Me: The ACA is virtually a combined version of the Massachusetts health care law in place and the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993, which was a REPUBLICAN bill in response to President Clinton’s attempts at passing health care reform. Please go read that bill. It’s almost identical to the ACA.

CC: That’s a bill that was passed 20 years ago. It has nothing to do with today.

Me: Yeah it has everything to do with today. Republicans introduced a health care bill which include an individual mandate requiring ALL Americans to purchase health insurance by January 1st, 2005, required businesses to offer insurance to all its’ full time employees, and called for an increase in Medicaid. Remember, this was a REPUBLICAN health care bill. Fast forward 20 years, and Republicans are SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT for things that THEY fought for 20 years ago. Now why do you think that is? Could it be that they do not want to do anything that will help this president? Do you think maybe they are thinking more about their “careers” than they are what really is best for this country? Rather than accepting that the ACA is the law, and working together with Democrats to reform parts of the law that is bad, they’d rather act like two year olds and go sit in the corner and not play with anyone.

CC: …

Me: So please tell what changed.

CC: …

Me: You still there?

CC: …

Me: I guess not.

And that’s how it ended. Maybe he’ll be back for a follow-up but I doubt it.


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