President Obama Wins Re-Election

In an election that has seen more money poured into it than any other in the history of American elections, the smoke has finally cleared and the dust has settled and President Obama remains in the White House. In an election that many people will feel sends a strong message about the direction that they want the country to go, I for one am happy that President Obama remains in the Oval Office. There’s no question that he has a huge advantage going into the New Year and can push for his agenda more strongly than before.

There’s no question that over the last four years we’ve steadily moved in the right direction. With this election, America agrees with the direction that we are going and are willing to continue to allow the steady hand of President Obama to continue leading us. While it’s clear that the country has improved over the last four years, and is going in the right direction, we can’t be content. We still have plenty of work to do. I know that the confidence of President Obama will be through the roof and give him the drive and passion to continue fighting for what he believes is best for this country. But he can’t do it alone.

Over the last four years, the president has had to work almost entirely by himself with a Congress that has done everything in their power to block his legislative agenda. I know many people will say that he had two years with a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress and that’s true. That’s when we saw the end of the recession. In 2010, America voted to give the House back to the Republicans and growth was stagnated. It’s important that the new Congress works together to move the country forward and is willing to compromise at a time that it is the most needed. The new Congress will come in with a country that is as bitterly divided politically as we have seen since the Civil War. We need a Congress that is willing to once-and-for-all put political pandering aside and work across the aisle for the betterment of America. They must set the example that our country needs.

In closing, I don’t want to forget to mention the momentous achievement that this election brings. Four years ago American elected the first ever African American president. The constant jokes, disrespectfulness, and flat-out rudeness that this president has faced is unheard of. The fact that this president has taken it all with a straight face and has refused to take the bait and give them a reason to call him the “angry black man” that they would love to paint him as, speaks volumes about the man’s character. He has been the Jackie Robinson of American politics. Now after four years, America has chosen to not only accept the job the president has done, but has chosen to give him another four years. An African American man, and more importantly a Democrat, has been reelected in the United States. He must continue the trend that he has set over the last four years and keep the United States on the course that we have been on. He will do just that and will lead the country to a recovery that is both fiscally responsible and economically prosperous. I am happy that he is my president and can’t wait to see the changes that are in store for us over the next four years.


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