2012 Presidential Debate – Round 3

I intentionally waited before posting this blog until a few hours after the debate because I wanted see how the so called “liberal media” would try to say how the president didn’t win this debate. Well I wasn’t totally disappointed in them, because many said that he won. However, they then followed that by saying that it was a debate about foreign policy and voters really didn’t care much because they only care about the economy. So why then, did Mitt Romney spend SO much time attacking the president on Libya during the last debate?! Here are the facts:

President Obama came out and defended his foreign policy record strongly. He explained his positions and his actions towards countries such as Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. He also called Mitt Romney out on many of his blunders over the years when he would speak about foreign policy. Finally, he managed to prove that many of Governor Romney’s policies economically, would weaken us domestically, and vice-versa.

Governor Romney came out a bit flat tonight. For the most part his entire night was saying “I agree with the President” but then somehow magically saying he would be more effective doing the same thing. He said he agreed with the sanctions President Obama has placed in Iran (the strongest in history), but said that he would “make them stronger.” He then said that the US should stop oil ships from Iran from entering US ports. Strong statement, but one that is useless since the US hasn’t got oil from Iran since the Reagan administration. And also, with most of the country being “low information voters,” virtually meaning they don’t follow politics and make decisions based on issues for their face value and not an overall picture, and the fact that probably 95 percent of people have no idea what causes gas prices to rise and fall, I don’t know if I would say during a debate in which I’m running for president that I’m going to stop oil from entering into the US…just a thought.

In the end, of course Republicans claimed that President Obama came out and was offensive and constantly attacking Governor Romney because he was behind in the polls. They said that he lacked the appearance of being presidential and was acting like a brat. Why is it so hard to admit defeat? Mitt Romney won the first debate, easily. No one questions that, not even Democrats. The second debate? President Obama won, but was “rude” and “consistently interrupting” through it. The polls showed that it was a virtual tie. In this debate, some commentators, even Republican ones, admitted that President Obama landed more punches. However, they say that Governor Romney wasn’t there to “debate the president” but was there to prove that he can appear presidential on foreign policy. They said that he just wanted to show that he was knowledgeable and was trustworthy with the nuclear codes in his pocket. What?!

In closing, I just want to share the Republican thought process that I FINALLY figured out tonight. I shared it on facebook already. “We managed to somehow, probably divine intervention since God doesn’t want a socialist Muslim in the White House, beat President Blackenstein in the first debate. That debate turned the election so far to the right that it doesn’t matter what the president does he can never turn it back around. The fact that he wiped the floor with our candidate the last two debates doesn’t matter because we won the first one, so nanny-nanny-boo-boo.” President Obama could cut unemployment to 5 percent, bring about world peace, give tax cuts to every American in the country, save every puppy and kitten from animal shelters and place them in good homes, and he still would not be able to come back from losing the first debate according to Republican logic. I guess, however, they don’t understand the Electoral College. Fortunately for Democrats, on November 6th, they’ll find out a hard lesson.


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