Vice Presidential Debate Review

A lot of people say that the Vice Presidential debate isn’t really a decisive factor in presidential elections. If you’re a Republican you should be proud of that. This was one of the worst beat downs I’ve seen in a debate in a long time. Vice President Biden came out on the offensive, automatically calling out all the ideas that Romney proposed in 2008, in dealing with foreign policy, such as going into Pakistan to find and kill Osama bin Laden. Paul Ryan’s only argument was really to say that the Obama administration, thanks to the threat of a nuclear Iran, has started looking weak around the world. He also wasted little time throwing out the 47% remark that Governor Romney made. Paul Ryan came by with a great line, as I certainly agree, that “sometimes words don’t always come out as you want them to.” You could tell that Congressman Ryan was weak on foreign policy, which is clearly Vice President Biden’s strongest position, being the one that has oversaw the end of the Iraq war and the drawing down of the Afghan war.

Whenever the argument would swap over to domestic policy and the economy, Congressman Ryan perked up a little bit. He went on the offensive only when the debate swapped to economic issues but unfortunately for him, VP Biden was ready and able to be able to defend their argument on their economic policies which, even the man who wrote the budget plan that Governor Romney has supported, are still not being explained. Romney was asked directly what he would do to pay for the tax cuts that he’s proposing and all he could come up with was they wanted a “bi-partisan action” to create a plan to reduce the taxes.

A lot of people argue that the V.P. Biden was rude for interrupting Congressman Ryan. However, the fact of the matter is that unlike President Obama, V.P. Biden is not going to sit and listen to someone throwing out falsehoods just to try and win political points. He’s a bulldog and isn’t going to let anyone lie about the facts. Biden came out more aggressive, more passionate, livelier, and easily more prepared to assume the role of President if needed one day. Paul Ryan came out more robotic and calculated, more trained, and more careful, showing signs that this was his first truly pivotal national debate.


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