Could 2012 Be 2000 in Reverse?

Today I want to throw out a scenario that could possibly play out during this election. First let’s take a trip back to 2000 where Al Gore won the popular vote and George Bush won the electoral college thanks to the controversy in Florida. Whenever the Republicans realized that they had won the electoral votes for Florida despite losing the national popular vote, they were strong supporters of the Electoral College.

Fast forward to 2012. Looking at the Electoral College predictions, it is almost impossible for President Obama to not be re-elected. The odds are just stacked too high in his favor thanks to his popularity in all the large states. Because of the Electoral College, he will win in 2012 easily. However, because of the radical TEA Party movement, the growing despise of him by the evangelical right, and the refusal to even admit that he’s an American citizen but many members of the GOP, we could see him lose the popular vote. If this happens, it will be interesting to see how the Republicans react. Just 12 years after praising the Electoral College and using it to their advantage to re-take the White House, we could see them going all-in on efforts to dismantle it. While I don’t actually believe that President Obama will lose the popular vote, it is a possibility. And I can’t wait to see the Republicans flipping on Electoral College if it does happen.


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