The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review

I know you’ve all been waiting for me to review this movie and the time has finally come. I figured I would wait a while and give everyone a chance to see it, because I can’t really review it without spoiling the ending. So here is fair warning, if you haven’t seen the movie yet (which is probably only like 3 people in America) and you’re planning on watching it, DO NOT READ THIS BLOG. If you’re still reading then I’m going to assume that you have already watched it or don’t want to watch it and are willing to having the ending spoiled for you. So, this is your last chance…turn back now if you don’t want the ending ruined.

The first thing that I have to say about the movie, as with all the others, is the acting. Christian Bale delivered yet again as the best Bruce Wayne/Batman character in modern movies. Also Anne Hathaway stole the spotlight as Catwoman and really got a lot of on-screen time that I was surprised by. Bale said he would refuse to do the third movie if Robin was added, I assumed because it would steal the spotlight from Batman, but Catwoman did that in this movie. Hathaway wasn’t the only female that gained attention with the film, as Marion Cotillard played the role of Miranda Tate. And finally there was Bane played by Tom Hardy. Aside from the fact that his words were distorted from his mask and sometimes you couldn’t understand what he was saying, he did an excellent job as well. It was an all-star cast that really delivered on every part.
The plotline was outrageous. It began with Gotham City being crime free “thanks to Harvey Dent” and with Batman out of the picture. Bane comes into the picture and virtually turns everything upside down. You can’t help but notice the politicized message of elitism and income inequality that Bane talks about with the wealthiest people in Gotham living large. He then successfully turns Gotham on its end with a coupe that overthrows the government and cuts it off from the rest of the country, creating an almost anarchist state in Gotham. He then basically rules over the people as their lord, with the threat of a bomb blowing the entire city up if things get out of hand. Bane is also the only enemy of Batman that can match wits, money, and strength with the caped crusader. Yes, for you comic book fans they had to make sure that they included the scene of Bane breaking Batman’s back. The rise of Batman from the pit kept you on the edge of your seat, as did the whole movie. The ending, and I’m giving you ONE last chance to turn back if you haven’t seen it…was typical Christopher Nolan style. If you’ve seen The Prestige or Inception you know what I’m talking about. It leaves you walking out saying “wow I can’t believe that happened…wait a minute, did that happen?” You’re left with a thought of trying to figure out if Batman actually died or not. Was Alfred just having yet another vision of Bruce at that café? You think you know the truth, but there’s still that little bit of doubt that you can’t shake…and that’s part of what makes Nolan great.

Overall, I would easily give the movie 5 out of 5. It does an outstanding job of taking Batman Begins, which was good but not great, and The Dark Knight, which was great, and tie them together nicely for a perfect ending. While Tom Hardy certainly never could have lived up the Heath Ledger as the Joker, the film did an excellent job of creating a script that was the complete opposite of what a Joker-type situation would be. Bane wanted anarchy, while the Joker enjoyed organized and planned-chaos. Leading up to the movie I wondered how they were going to swing the Joker story and left the movie not even thinking about it. If you haven’t watched the first two movies, watch them, then go back and watch this again. After waiting years for this movie to come out, it was certainly no disappointment at all. The only disappointment is that the franchise is over until the next reboot. However, let’s just be honest and admit that NO ONE will make a Batman series like Christopher Nolan…no one.


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