“Chick-fil-a Day”

Everyone knew this one was coming. I’ve tried staying quiet about this because I know it’ll stir a lot of stink up. But I feel the need to post this. If I make you mad, okay then. The truth is, this has become one of the most overblown and over-hyped issues ever. One man’s comments have sparked a nationwide debate over gay rights. I agree this is a debate that we need to have…but not like this. We need to have a civil and formal discussion, which allows both sides to present their case and we the people choose the path we want for this country. But this is not helping the cause. Neither side is helping, they are only hurting the fight.

First off, if you’re gay and you’re upset because the CEO of a company that EVERYONE in America knows is an openly Christian restaurant, came out against gay marriage then it’s time for a reality check. That’s kind of like being shocked a baptist preacher preaches against homosexuality. The fact of the matter is that the Christian belief of marriage is one man and one woman. They have every right in the world to their belief, JUST like you have every right in the world to believe the complete opposite of them. I know a lot of people will say that it’s about more than just his beliefs because the company spends millions of dollars lobbying Congress for anti-gay legislation and gives millions more away to anti-gay non-profit groups. I hate to be blunt, but that’s business. Don’t be so shocked about it. It’s no different than American companies pouring money into “secret” Chinese accounts that are being used to fight labor laws so we can keep prices low here thanks to cheap labor costs there. It’s used as a tax exemption and EVERY company does this. There are plenty of liberal companies that spend millions of dollars lobbying Congress to all but ban religion from having ANY aspect in our democracy. Do you support them?

And to the “Christians” that are standing in line for hours to get a chicken sandwich and waffle fry to prove how much you love Jesus…I ask you this simple question: why are you being a hypocrite? We are taught as Christians to be Christ-like. Jesus did shun the sinners and go protest with the saved. Instead, he sat down and ate with the sinners and served them. More than that, he died for them. The only message you’re sending to gay Americans by celebrating this Chick-fil-a Day is that you’re not willing to listen to them. You’re only willing to drive the wedge further into the ground, losing even more credibility at a time when the church is looked at as poorly as it ever has been in history. Driving a wedge and dividing yourselves from a group of people is the complete opposite of what Jesus told us to do and what he did himself. If you want to have a positive impact on someone’s life, be a friend and not an enemy. That’s what Jesus would do. I promise you, you’re not going to have a member of the gay community take you seriously when you are out taking pictures of yourself “eating chicken for Jesus.” Instead, you’re giving the church a bad name. There is no big or little sin in the Bible. A person living a gay lifestyle is no different than you living your life judging that person for their lifestyle. Jesus doesn’t need you to judge, that’s his job. He needs you to love. If you can’t do that, don’t call yourself one of his. I refuse to participate in any kind of protest based on the premise of hate.

To wrap this up, I will say that any person in America has the right to say or believe whatever they want, as long as it isn’t bringing harm on another individual. This man’s comments aren’t killing anyone. He’s not refusing service to someone because they’re gay (although a private company has every right to do so in America). At the same time, you have just as much of a right to protest their beliefs and boycott their business. But let’s be honest about one thing…this day, this protest, and this anger is going to solve nothing. It’s not even something that we should be concerned with. We’re in the midst of a presidential election, at a pivotal time in our country. We are in the midst of recovering from one of the greatest economic disaster in this country’s history, and the world is teetering on the brink of a global collapse with Chinese markets stagnant, and European markets in shambles. There are genocides going on all over the world, people dying of starvation in countries, and God only knows what else and we’re sitting here arguing over chicken sandwiches. Shame on us as Americans.


2 thoughts on ““Chick-fil-a Day”

  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. I am always going to side against CFA. I just hate that this one individuals views and statement have become the epicenter of the entire argument! My own personal beliefs led me to not donate any funds to CFA due to the organizations some of their proceeds benefit. There was a news letter released three years ago from Gay.com which detailed some of them, the extremist I’m sure. I have discouraged friends from eating there and explained why for years. I only wish I still had the actual email I received from Gay.com. One of the anti-gay organizations the company donates to believes in a correction scenario from homosexuality by way of Shock-therapy. The same group believes that if the homosexuality can not be “cured” then the individual should be “executed”. Their overall plan of action is a gay Holocaust. With that statement, his views on Gay Marriage is the LEAST of my concerns.
    That means that, by default, if you are providing them business then you are also donating to a group who wants me dead. Even to take it a bit further, this is a group who wants me dead in Jesus’ name. No matter how small your purchase and even how much smaller their donation, that means you are in fact supporting someones hate. In supporting their hate I have to say that the contributors agree with it.
    The CEO’s outspoken comments just granted a catalyst for all of this to come to light and main stream news. This is something that’s been brushed under the rug and down played for many years even before I knew of it.

    I do not know of CFA is still donating to those particular organizations, but the fact that they did will always detour me from being a customer.

    To me, this entire situation should be treated no differently than if CFA came out against equal rights between black people and white people or men and women. To side with CFA or even say they should be allowed their freedom of speech is to spit on the Civil Rights Movement itself.

  2. I agree with you and with Adam’s comment above. The CEO’s comments definitely didn’t surprise me. I’ve known that CFA was a Christian company for years. What makes me angry is the public response. Like I posted on my FB yesterday, just imagine if every single person who ate at CFA yesterday in support of all of this instead donated that money to something good like their favorite charity or their child’s school. I don’t feel like this “CFA Appreciation Day” was a day to show support. Instead, it came off as a day to show hate.

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