How Many Deaths Are Required Before We See Gun Control Legislation?

Everyone knows about the recent shooting in Colorado and our hearts go out to all the victims and families. With that being said, hopefully now we can have a constructive argument in this country over whether or not we need stricter gun laws in this country. I’ll be the first to admit that gun control isn’t on the top of my wish list for legislation in this country, but it’s definitely an important issue. I know that people will argue that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” and that’s exactly why gun control legislation should be enacted. We need to ensure that guns aren’t going into the hands of crazy men like this and that certain weapons, like the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle that this guy had, are once-and-for-all outlawed. There is no logical reason that an average everyday Joe should have these weapons.

The NRA (National Rifle Association) is completely opposed to President Obama and has vowed to fully endorse Mitt Romney in hopes of defeating the president. They’ve always been leery of President Obama’s stance on gun control and felt that he’s too tough on sanctions. Then there are people like the TEA Party nut jobs, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck, who are all screaming at the top of their lungs about President Obama wanting to “take away our guns.” On the other hand, supporters of gun control, such as the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, are opposed to the president, saying that he’s received all failing grades on the seven issues that they deemed important. Let’s be honest, the latter has a logical argument. President Obama has been silent on gun control since taking office. During his 2008 campaign he made the following statement: “I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe in people’s lawful right to bear arms. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take you rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away…I am not going to take your guns away.” If there’s one promise that the president has kept that the right wing extremists should be proud of, it’s this one. He’s done zero to pass ANY kind of gun control legislation, mainly because he was hammered by gun owners during the campaign.

Let’s be honest for a minute about the Second Amendment. Let’s pay attention to the text of the amendment. “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Last time I checked, we no longer have state militias and that’s exactly what the amendment is referring to. During the founding of this country, states provided their own militia to fight. There was no standing army. Today, we have a standing army (the largest in the world by far) and therefore don’t need a militia. If there was ever an amendment that was ruled null, it’s the Second Amendment. According to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Second Amendment, people are allowed to own guns in self-defense instances such as protecting one’s property. I could be wrong, but I haven’t heard of any mobs breaking into any houses that would require a semi-automatic or automatic assault rifle firing off sixty rounds a minute.

The sad part about all of this, is that despite the twelve people that were killed (as of Friday night), and the nearly sixty others that were wounded, gun control will not be an issue in the presidential election. I would be shocked to even hear either candidate debate it. The NRA has too much power and needs to be scaled down. Assault rifles should be banned. There is no reason a person should be able to buy four different guns in a span of two months from local dealers, and there not be any red flags. There is no reason a person should be able to purchase 6,000 rounds of ammunition off of the internet without any red flags. There’s no reason a person should ever need this unless they’re in the military, in which case it would be provided for them. I feel for the victims of this shooting, the 32 victims of the Virginia Tech shooting, the 15 killed people in Columbine, and the thousands of others that die each year from gun violence. In a country like America, this is unacceptable. I understand people like having guns. I know plenty of people that enjoy hunting and they use guns and that’s acceptable. However, certain weapons are not. Outside of that, there needs to be legislation passed banning certain people from owning guns. For example, anyone that has been convicted of a felony loses their right to vote. They should also lose their right to own a fire arm. Background checks should be done on EVERY purchase of a firearm, and a person should be limited on the number of weapons that they have. There should also be limits on ammunition purchases. There is no reason a person should need 6,000 rounds of ammunition. However, like I said before, none of this is going to be an issue this November. Congress isn’t going to tackle any big legislation this close to an election and neither presidential candidates are going to tackle such a controversial issue. It’s a sad day for America, but one that can, and will, be repeated if nothing is done soon.


One thought on “How Many Deaths Are Required Before We See Gun Control Legislation?

  1. I agree. I’m scared to go to the extremes because if someone in that theater had had a gun, maybe the killer would have been stopped sooner. But you’re right about making it more difficult for people to get guns and having some sort of monitoring system in place for when people try to buy multiple unneeded weapons. I don’t know exactly what needs to be done. But I know something needs to change.

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