Understanding a Tragedy

This is something that I touched on the other day on facebook and I decided I wanted to expound on it a little more thoroughly. Given the subject matter, I can’t think of a better day to do this on than Sunday since it’s dealing with God. By now you’ve all heard about the shooting at the high school in Ohio. No one will deny that it’s a very sad and unfortunate incident that is becoming more and more frequent in this country. The reasons for this can be debated but the fact of the matter is, we need to get it under control.

When i got on facebook the other day, it was littered with posts from people blaming God for allowing the shooting to happen, saying that it was the governments fault for “kicking God out of school,” etc. This whole logic is ridiculous to me. First off God isn’t the one that shot the five kids so why would anyone want to blame him for it? Secondly, he allows bad things to happen for the same reason he allows good things to happen. It’s a little thing called free will. We don’t serve a God that rules this world with an iron fist, and dictates every action that every person does. Instead, he allows us all to be free moral agents, independent of control, to do and act as we please. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t know what we’re going to do, however. He is an omniscient God.

The next argument is totally illogical in saying that the government is to blame because God isn’t allowed in schools anymore. While I understand the thought process behind the argument, it just doesn’t work. Let’s turn the statement around and look at what you’re really trying to say. God isn’t allowed in schools because of a government rulings, therefore he’s going to allowed bad things to happen because he’s spiteful of those rulings. This is call anthropomorphism. You’re trying to give an immortal God, mortal and humane characteristics. It’s not possible. God can’t be spiteful. God can’t be jealous. These are human characteristics only and trying to compare God to a human is to deny his divinity.

Let’s be honest about this situation. It happened because of a kid that had problems and didn’t have his parents guiding and helping him. The most important people in a child’s life isn’t his teachers or classmates, it’s his parents. This kid lived with his grandfather because of this parent’s having problems. He was posting wild and outlandish stuff all of his facebook and twitter that, if he had attentive parents that monitored this like parents should (don’t get mad at me if you’re a teenager), they would have found. As I said before, if parents are going HAVE kids, they need to take on the responsibility of RAISING them. But again, the kid IS the one to blame for the shooting, but hopefully it’ll open the eyes of some of the parents in this country to start having a more pro-active role in their children’s lives.


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