Alabama’s Regressing to the Stone Age…Again

For all of you that thought Alabama couldn’t become the laughing stock of the country any more then we already are, Clay Scofield is proving you wrong. He’s pushing legislation through the Alabama State Senate that will require an invasive, vaginal ultrasound for all women that are going to have an abortion. It will also require the doctor to show the ultrasound images to the patient (although she isn’t required by law to look) and tell her about what she’s looking at.

The BIGGEST problem with this law, is that it’s expensive and and invasive medical procedure being done against a woman’s will. Since when does “smaller government” mean the government requiring a woman’s body to be penetrated against her will? Give me a break. I seriously can’t understand why, in 2012, we’re having this war on women by the GOP?  Well, maybe I can. They’ve attacked the Hispanic population and got away with it. Why not turn towards the next problem…women. I seriously wonder how the GOP mind works when they think of this stuff. “They don’t need to bother getting contraception, you can’t get pregnant from a stove. And all these women out here having sex and trying to get abortions as often as Snooki tans…well we need to set them straight too.”

Congratulations Mississippi, you can finally look down on someone.


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