Problem Within the GOP Base

It’s no secret that the GOP is in one huge mess right now. The economy is turning around much faster then they expected, the GOP in Congress is finally having to act in the interest of the people because their constituents are finally realizing what they’ve been doing and are getting involved, and the GOP presidential candidates have the combined IQ of a jock strap.

They’ve taken the one issue that every single one of them said would be THE most important issue in the 2012 election, the economy, and completely abandoned it because they’re no longer confident they can compete with the President on the issue. Instead, they’ve turned the clock back nearly one hundred years and are arguing over the legality of birth control. Really? I’ve never understood how Republicans can oppose birth control. They say they don’t want abortions, well guess what birth control does! It reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancies that might lead to abortions! Seem like common sense? Maybe to us sane few, but the GOP seems to lack that these days. But here’s the real issue the GOP candidates face: the base of the GOP is absolutely separated and are not willing to compromise any longer. There are four main components to the GOP base, as anyone who studies politics should know, and they’re all divided.

You have the wealthiest Americans, the fat cat bankers, Wall Street execs, and Congressmen, who are really the GOP establishment, who want Mitt Romney as their candidate. He’s the next in line and they’re behind him.

You have the Neo-Conservatives in the GOP who have Ron Paul.

You have the deep south and the TEA Party groups who are supporting Newt Gingrich.

And finally, you have the religious right, who can’t get a candidate that they like (Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Cain) and are now settling on Rick Santorum.

The problem the GOP faces is that these four core groups have their candidate and aren’t budging on them. They fundamentally don’t like the other choices. And without just one of these groups, Republicans will get absolutely hammered (even worse then they already will) come this November. There is talk of Ron Paul splitting off as a 3rd Party candidate if he doesn’t win the nomination and this would be devastating to them. If that happened, the GOP base would fracture, and they’d get hammered. Plus, Ron Paul wouldn’t have anywhere near the support he would need to successfully win the presidency and would just get embarrassed.

Personally, I love watching it and can’t wait for four more years of President Obama. And I think the House of Representatives is absolutely in play come this fall and would love to see a Democratic majority take back over so we can push through some important initiatives that will get this country booming again.


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