Previewing Next Week

So for those of you who come regularly, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve not posted a couple of days this week. This is somewhat two-fold in that I’ve been pretty much covered with school work this week, plus there are several pieces that I’ve been researching and gathering information up for that’s taken a bit longer than I expected. (Yes, I’m crazy enough to actually intensively research things and try to get a complete understanding of them before I write about them.) So this is just going to be a preview of what’s in store for next week because I think it’s going to be pretty epic. I’ve given it the nickname of “reform week.”

Sunday – In traditional Sunday fashion, I’ll tackle religion. I’m going to talk about where we draw a line on church and state and where is it acceptable to cross those lines.

Monday – Michelle Rhee (yes, that Michelle Rhee) is coming to Alabama to do some type of work involving charter schools. I’m going to write about education reform, charter schools, and what they’ll end up doing if Alabama goes down that path.

Tuesday – I’m going to write about reforming our financial aid system for college attendance. Of course, to go along with that, we’ll have to touch on reforming college tuition rates.

Wednesday – I’m going to write about immigration reform on both a state and national level.

Thursday – The thing that I’ve been asked to write about by about everyone that follows my blog is what I’m going to be tackling on this day: healthcare reform. Just how “socialistic” is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), should it be repealed, and does it go far enough? Also, why we have the best doctors and facilities in the world, but our health care is ranked so low.

Friday – A special interview that I don’t want to give away. You’ll just have to come back and read to find out.

Saturday – I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Arab Spring and why it’s been successful in some places (Egypt) and not others (Syria). Also, what we are going to do to ensure that the movement wasn’t done for nothing.

I hope everyone checks back every day next week to read these and share them with your friends. I’d love to see this blog take off. Also, if you have anything you’d like for me to write about, leave it in a comment and I’ll definitely consider it. I mainly write about what interests me, but if it’s something that isn’t being talked about a lot and I can shed light on it, I’ll be more than glad to do so.


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