Rant of the Week – “Anybody But Obama” People

Part two of my rant of the week is directed towards a select group of people. I’m sure you’ve seen these guys trolling all over facebook. You might even know some of them in real life. It’s the people that believe ANYBODY would be a better president than President Obama. Let’s be honest about one thing…these people don’t have a clue about politics. If they did, they’d understand the remarkable changes that this administration has made in just three years. If you really want to tell me that we’d be in a better position had John McCain been elected in ’08, I’ll gladly tell you how stupid you are. But, let me ask a simple question. Do you HONESTLY believe that Ron Paul, who is about as liberal as you can get on social and military issues, and as conservative as you can get with basically everything else, would be better? Do you think Newt Gingrich, who criticized Herman Cain for having affairs, brought impeachment charges on President Clinton for having an affair, and who has himself had affairs during his first two marriages (and marriage both women he was having an affair with after getting a divorce). But let’s not stop at actual candidates…they did say ANYBODY. So, using that theory, these GOP nuts believe that Charlie Sheen will be a better president than Obama. Yep…they’d be “winning” with him.


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