Movie Review – We Bought a Zoo

The movie that saved my night. After watching the horrific movie earlier that I don’t even want to name again, I watched We Bought a Zoo. I know I’m a little late on it since it’s been out for about a month now, but it’s a very solid movie. If you haven’t seen it, I would definitely recommend going to see it. It’s good a movie for the whole family, but it does have a few choice words in it.

The acting in the movie is extremely good. Matt Damon delivers a solid performance and his children, played by Colin Ford and Maggie Elizabeth Jones, were fantastic. then throw in Scarlett Johansson who always does an outstanding job. The casting was spot on. The plot line was good but it was very predictable. There were several laughs mixed in with a lot of seriousness. The family is coping with the depth of Damon’s wife. They deal with it with humor and a sense of empathy. So if you’re wanting a feel good movie to go see in the theaters, I would definitely recommend this one. I give it a 3 out of 5 rating, because, while I the casting was great, it was too predictable and cliche.


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