Movie Review – The Devil Inside

So going against everything that I’ve heard so far, I decided to go ahead and watch The Devil Inside. Everyone has said the movie sucks, but I figured whatever, I’ll give it a shot. Well…the movie sucks. Listen, there was one great movie about exorcisms, The Exorcist. We’ve seen dozens of other movies try to build on that success and come up as miserable failures. This is by far the worst of the bunch and could possibly be the worst movie of the year.

Is there anything good about this movie? Well, there were lots of impressive screams from the people that were possessed, the contorted bodies were impressive, and the demonic voices were too. However, they would throw in stupid lines that would make you laugh out loud when they’re in the middle of the exorcism. “Ben, why don’t you let me suck your cock…I know you’ve fantasized about it.” Outside of that, no. Nothing works with this movie and it’s a complete waste of time (fortunately only about 70 minutes) and money. I give it 1 out of 5 simply because I can’t give it anything less. I hope to never have to see another exorcism movie and hope that I don’t see another movie that poorly made this year.


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