Political Tuesday – Anybody but Romney?

For anyone that follows politics, the 2012 Republican presidential race has been one of the strangest ever. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney is going to win the nomination, but no one is happy about it. Since announcing his candidacy, Romney’s support has stayed between 23% and 25%. Ironically, he can’t seem to break through the 25% ceiling. It also seems that every month a different candidate has surged to the top of the field, only to fall back down. The only constant thus far has been Mitt Romney sitting in second place. So I thought a logical topic to discuss would be what’s with the “Anybody but Romney” notion going on in the Republican Party.

The first thing you have to point out is the most obvious one, and that is Mitt Romney has the backbone of a jellyfish. He has flip-flopped on so many different issues, it’s impossible to know which Mitt you’re voting for. He’s changed issues on everything from abortion to education. He has supported gay rights and is now vehemently against them. He’s against President Obama’s health care plan, when he established an identical plan in his home state when he was governor. He’s also effectively manage to avoid being called out on many of his social views, which I think could change VERY soon.

Another reason that he’s not very popular is his personality. He comes off as being rich and stuck up. You get the sense that, while he may very well have worked in the private sector, he’s never had to do any hard labor in it. He’s extremely cocky and talks as if he’s just going through the formalities of the nomination process and has no doubts that he will be the Republican candidate come November 2012.

A third reason, unfortunately, is because of his religion. For some reason, people feel like a persons religious affiliation is an electibility issue. Romney is a Mormon, and if he is in fact the Republican nominee, then you could have the first ever presidential election, which doesn’t feature a white, protestant, male candidate. However, I’ve seen where someone said, “well I don’t like him being a Mormon, but it’s better than a Muslim.” That just goes to show how informed people are around here.

So in conclusion, it’s somewhat obvious why Mitt Romney is such an unpopular Republican candidate. Despite the fact that no one really likes him, he’s still going to win the nomination for the simple reasons of him having the most money to spend and the fact that he has the best shot at beating President Obama (I say this with regards to Jon Huntsman who I personally feel WOULD beat the president if it were between the two of them. However, Republicans would never allow him to be the GOP candidate).

The best thing about all of this is the fact that Romney is an unpopular choice, who will win the nomination, but will get little support. He’ll eventually break through the 25% mark as candidates start dropping out, but it’ll be interesting to see how bruised up he is when he finally reaches the primaries against President Obama. The President will absolutely destroy him in debates and go on to win re-election quite easily.


2 thoughts on “Political Tuesday – Anybody but Romney?

    • If I HAD to choose a Republican candidate, it would be Jon Huntsman. He’s wanting to get us out of Afghanistan, supports full gay rights, including marriage, doesn’t believe corporations need tax breaks, and supports alternative energy solutions. Because of these reasons, however, he’ll never get nominated as the Republican candidate. However, outside of these views, he’s EXTREMELY conservative with his views. The scary thing is, he’s so centrist, he could pull independents in and I honestly believe he could be President Obama if he were the nominee.

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